Guard: Automatically run Rubocop/RSpec when file modifications

This article describe Guard setup procedure!

👽 Updating Gemfile

Please add some rubygems to ./Gemfile like this:

group :development do
gem 'guard-rspec', require: false
gem 'guard-rubocop', require: false
gem 'guard-livereload', require: false

🐰 Setup & Initialize

# Install added gems
$ bundle install
# Generate configuration
$ bundle exec guard init rspec rubocop livereload

😼 Install Browser extension

You should see “How do I install and use the browser extensions?
and install browser extension to your computer.


🐠 Execution

After execute the following command, guard run rubocop, rspec, livereload when you changing specific file.

$ bundle exec guard

🎂 Special Thanks

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