Export PostgreSQL table to CSV [COPY command]

As PostgreSQL COPY command is convenient, I wrote this tips.
This command is easy and really useful, so please try it.

$ psql
-- Export product table to CSV file
\copy (SELECT * FROM products ORDER BY id) TO '/tmp/produccts.csv' DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER
# If you want to see the csv including Shift-JIS(Japanese)
nkf -s /tmp/products.csv > /tmp/converted.csv

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RSpec tesiting for rake task [Ruby on Rails]

I summarized the procedure of the RSpec test in this article.
Since I summarized it as simple as possible, please read through those who are trying to create Rake task for the first time.

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What are mock and stub used in unit testing?

This article is a simple explanation of mock and stub used in unit testing.

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How to use alternate created_at / updated_at column

This article shows 2 ways for “How to use alternate created_at/updated_at column.

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Effective Procedures to Setup new Mac El Captain For Rubyist

This article describes effective procedures for Rubyists to setup new Mac OS El Captain.

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Prevent 'ArgumentError: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8' on Faraday[Ruby]

This is a tips to prevent “ArgumentError: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8“.

Sample Code

url = "http://sample.com/search?q=%A0"
ArgumentError: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8
=> #<Faraday::Response:0x007fd8ca826ce8...

Happy Hacking!

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Using Redis for caching & session management with Ruby on Rails

This article shows about cacing data & session management with Ruby on Rails.

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Use Elasticcache with Elasticbeanstalk

This article describes how to use Elasticcache with Elasticbeanstalk.

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How to upload gziped file to S3 from URL[Ruby]

This article shows how to upload gziped file to S3 from URL by Ruby.

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Deploy Rails App to ElasitcBeanstalk on wercker

I published “wercker step” to deploy an application to Elastic Beanstalk instance using AWS CLI.

morizyun/eb-deploy - GitHub

This aritcle describes how to use the wercker step and outline of the step.

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