Icon in web application for iOS

This article describes an icon of your web application for iOS(iPhone/iPad).

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Let's Encrypt(Free SSL) with Dokku is so comfortable!

This article describes a procedure which introduces Let’s Encrypt(Free SSL) to Dokku.

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Upload gzip files to S3 and serve by Cloudflare in Ruby

This article elaborates the following actions:

  • Create IAM which has only S3 access permission in AWS
  • Upload gzip files to AWS S3 using RubyGems
  • Distribute the files using Cloudflare which is CDN

This plan is safe and cheap!

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Run Rails Active Job with Sidekiq and Write RSpec

This article describes the following tips:

  • Setup Active Job in Rails 5.0.0.beta4 with Sidekiq
  • Write RSpec of Active Job

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Login automation with website by Machanize with Ruby

Machanize library is used for automating integration with website.
If you are familiar with Ruby, this tool is pretty good for you.

By the way, this article describes a procedure to log in to a website.

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How to Run One-off Processes and Cron in Dokku

Dokku is a private PaaS like Heroku.
If we use this tool, we don’t have to worry about any limitation. It is so easy to use, I love it.

This article describes: One-off Processes and Cron in Dokku.

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How to run RSpec in Ruby on Rails by Travis CI

You can use Travis CI for free, if you push GitHub public repository.

The service supports following languages:


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Script to get your feed on Feedly for BitBar

I made a script to get your feed by Feedly for BitBar which can put anything in your menu bar on Mac.


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Introduction of Machine Learning by Google

I watched 2 movies about introduction of machine learning by Google.
These movies show Visualized “Decision Tree”, it is so cool!

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Setup GitLab with Docker in local

You can use Gitlab in Mac OSX environment by docker-compose!

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