Do schools kill creativity by Ken Robinson : TED2006

Creativity is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.

We have to take care that we regard children’s creative capacities for the richness they are,
and see our children’s hope for what it is.

Our job is to help them grow their capabilities.

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Code is the Next Universal Language by Linda Liukas : TED CERN

I completely agree with Linda’s idea, “Code is the next universal language”.
While I concentrate on making programming, I sometimes feel like talking with computers.

In addition, we are able to talk anywhere, anytime by Internet.
Code is used in everywhere, programmers in the world can easy to talk about code in GitHub!

Programming gives everyone wonderful power to build their new universe with their own rules, paradigms and practices.
I think everybody can agree with the idea :)

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The Best Way to Learn JavaScript For Beginner

JavaScript is an easy way to add interactive functions to your web page.
The following materials support learning JavaScript for beginners like me.

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Useful cheat sheet of RubyMine/IntelliJ IDEA

I made a useful cheat sheet for “IntelliJ IDEA/RubyMine“ which is an IDE made by JetBrains for busy engineers:

Category Description Shortcut key
Search Search text in file crossing(Grep search) Cmd + Shift + F
Search Search anything Shift x 2
Nav Jump ahead/back in history Cmd + Alt +
Nav Jump to a place using the selected row Cmd + Alt + F7
Nav Show history of viewed files Cmd + E
Edit Cover selected area with if/begin/while Cmd + Shift + V
Edit Quickly fix errors or warning points Alt + Enter
Edit Move selected rows up/down Alt + Shift +
Edit Replicate current row Cmd + D
Edit Remove current row Cmd + Y
Edit Add new row Cmd + Y
Edit Show refactoring menu Cmd + Alt + Shift + T
Edit Paste from copy history Cmd + Shift + V
Arrange Arrange selected code Cmd + Alt + L

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scouter - easily get social data [RubyGems]

I created a RubyGem morizyun/scouter - GitHub.

This gem helps you to get social data of some following services related with URIs:

* Buffer
* Facebook
* feedly
* GitHub
* Google+
* Hatena Bookmark
* Linkedin
* Pinterest
* Pocket
* Twitter

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http_status_cheker - easily check status [RubyGems]

I created a new RubyGem morizyun/http_status_cheker.


  • Easily checking http status of multi URIs
  • A threaded (fast) per host name
  • Return redirect url and errors when get http access
  • a waiting time interval can be set, because not to access too much to one host.

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