Setup ColdFusion with Docker

I would like to introduce how to setup ColdFusion with Docker. It is useful for macOS.

🗽 Setup

(1) Download CommandBox Docker image

The first step is to clone the repository to your local machine:

git clone
cd docker-commandbox

(2) Run docker container

There is a docker-compose.yml file. So you can run ColdFusion environment by docker:

docker-compose up

You should wait to finish building docker image and run docker container.

(3) Open page

open http://$(docker-machine ip):8080/

You can see the docker page.

(4) Update docker-compose.yml

If you want to run ColdFusion 2016, please change docker-compose.yml like this:

version: '3.3'

image: ortussolutions/commandbox:latest
- "8080:8080"
- /Users/morizyun/git/coldfusion-test:/app
PORT: 8080
CFENGINE: adobe@2016
cfconfig_adminPassword: admin123

(Please change /Users/morizyun/git/coldfusion-test to your local folder to put CF source code.)

After the above change, please re-try following command:

# In a terminal
docker-compose up

# In other terminal
open http://$(docker-machine ip):8080/

🎉 Tutorials

There are some tutorial which I can recommend:

🏈 References

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