Basic for stream [Java]

Stream is a convenient API which is introduced in Java 8 for aggregating values of aggregates such as arrays and collections.

In this article, I would like to introduce basic knowledge of Stream.

­čŚ╗ Count of collection´╝Ücount

count() method in stream API counts the elements in stream object. -> i.isDraft()).count() //=> n

­čĹŻ noneMatch

noneMatch() method is a method which takes argument as a Predicate and if none of element of stream matches the given Predicate, then it returns true otherwise false. -> i.isDraft())

­čś╝ Stream Optional Value

java.util.Optional<T> class is a wrapper for a non-null value that may or may not contain a non-null value.

final Optional<Article> article =
.filter(a -> a.getId() == 1)

To get and use the value from Optional, write it as follows:

article.ifPresent(value -> System.out.println(" is" + article.getId()));
formOpt.ifPresent(article -> {

ifPresent(Consumer<? super T> action) method from the Optional class takes an action on the value contained in Optional object.

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