Useful cheat sheet of RubyMine/IntelliJ IDEA

I made a useful cheat sheet for “IntelliJ IDEA/RubyMine“ which is an IDE made by JetBrains for busy engineers:

Category Description Shortcut key
Search Search text in file crossing(Grep search) Cmd + Shift + F
Search Search anything Shift x 2
Nav Jump ahead/back in history Cmd + Alt +
Nav Jump to a place using the selected row Cmd + Alt + F7
Nav Show history of viewed files Cmd + E
Edit Cover selected area with if/begin/while Cmd + Shift + V
Edit Quickly fix errors or warning points Alt + Enter
Edit Move selected rows up/down Alt + Shift +
Edit Replicate current row Cmd + D
Edit Remove current row Cmd + Y
Edit Add new row Cmd + Y
Edit Show refactoring menu Cmd + Alt + Shift + T
Edit Paste from copy history Cmd + Shift + V
Arrange Arrange selected code Cmd + Alt + L

Images of shortcut

The contents of following links are in Japanese, but there are a lot of image/animation gif files.
So, if you want to imagine some shortcut, please look at them.