Ruby selenium-webdriver Cheat Sheat

“Selenium WebDriver” is a library to control browser by Java/Ruby/JavaScript code.
This article is a cheat sheet for Ruby “selenium-webdriver

😸 Get Started

Install Rubygem selenium-webdriver:

$ gem install selenium-webdriver

Write sample code to sample_scrpit.rb:

require "selenium-webdriver"

# start an instance of firefox with selenium-webdriver
driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox # generate browser object

driver.get "http://localhost:3000"

# wait for a specific element to show up
wait = 10)
wait.until { /Sample Title/.match(browser.page_source) }

driver.find_element(:id, 'hoge').send_keys('fuga')
driver.find_element(:id, 'goto_next').click

puts "Test Passed: Page 1 Validated"

# Drop browser object

Execute the sample code:

$ ruby sample_script.rb

🎂 Locating Element Examples

  • find_element - Find the first element matching the given arguments
  • find_elements - Find all elements matching the given arguments
# Find the element by ID
element = driver.find_element(:id, "sample-id")

# Find the element by class name
elements = driver.find_element(:class, 'sample-class')

# Find the element by tag name
element = driver.find_element(:tag_name, 'div')

# Find the element by name
element = driver.find_element(:name, 'search')

# Find the element by link text
element = driver.find_element(:link, 'link text')

# Find the element by xpath
element = driver.find_element(:xpath, "//a[@href='/logout']")

🏀 Element Operation Examples

# Click element
driver.find_element(:id, 'button_id').click

# Input some text
driver.find_element(:id, 'TextArea').send_keys 'InputText'

# Select checkbox/radio
driver.find_element(:id, 'check_box_id').click

# Check if it is selected
driver.find_element(:id, 'check_box_id').selected?

# Deselect the element
driver.find_element(:id, 'check_box_id').clear

# get all the options for this element
driver.find_element(:id, "select_id").find_elements(:tag_name, "option")

# Select the options
select.find_elements(:tag_name, "option")(&:click)

# Get text
driver.find_element(:id, 'some_element_id').text

# Get an attribute
class_name = element.attribute("class")

# Upload file
elem = driver.execute_script(js, elem)

🍄 Driver Operation Examples

# Save screen shot

# Wait for a specific element to show up
wait = => 10) # seconds
wait.until { driver.find_element(:id => "foo") }

# WebDriver polls the DOM for a certain amount of time when trying to find an element
# or elements if they are not immediately available for 30 seconds
driver.manage.timeouts.implicit_wait = 30
element = driver.find_element(:id => "some-dynamic-element")

# Execute arbitrary javascript
puts driver.execute_script("return window.location.pathname")

# Handle JavaScript dialog
a = driver.switch_to.alert
a.text == 'Aleart Message' ? a.dismiss : a.accept

# Switch window
driver.window_handles.each do |handle|
driver.switch_to.window handle

# Delete Cookie

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