SQL JOIN [Database]

In this page, I would like to describe basic knowledge for SQL join.

🍄 inner join & outer join

I explain based on the following table structure:

( "id" NUMBER,
"selled_at" DATE,
"customer_id" VARCHAR2(4)

( "id" VARCHAR2(4),
"name" VARCHAR2(255)

inner join gets records with records in both:

select * from sell inner join customer on (sell.customer_id = customer.id);

left outer join extracts all records ofleft table and combines the records from right table.

select * from sell left outer join customer on (sell.customer_id = customer.id);

right outer join extracts all records of right table and combines some records from left table.

select * from sell right outer join customer on (sell.customer_id = customer.id);

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