Basic tutorial for flexible environment of Google App Engine

This article shows basic tutorial for flexible environment of Google App Engine(GAE) on Google Computing Platform(GCP).

🎳 Advanced Preparation

Download and install Google Cloud SDK:

# 初期化
gcloud init

gcloud components install docker-credential-gcr
# which gcloud and find "bin/docker-credential-gcr" from the path
# Set shortcuts like / usr / local / bin with ln -s to .zshrc or .bashrc

gcloud auth configure-docker

# logging into GCR
docker-credential-gcr gcr-login

# set configuration to Docker
docker-credential-gcr configure-docker

😸 Quick Start

Create Dockerfile

Create Dockerfile with listing port 8080.

Create app.yml

Create gcloud-app.yml.

runtime: custom
env: flex
enable_health_check: False

instances: 1
cpu: 1
memory_gb: 0.5
disk_size_gb: 10

More Detail:

Deploy the app

# build docker image
docker build -t sample-app:latest -f docker/Dockerfile .

# set tag
docker tag sample-app:latest

# push image
docker push

# deploy to feature-2 env
gcloud app deploy gcloud-app.yml --project=gcp-project-sample

Browse the app

gcloud app browse

🎃 References

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