TypeORM: ORMapper for TypeScript

TypeORM is a ORMapper for TypeScript.

🐞 Installation

yarn add typeorm

🐝 Basic Usage for Active Record pattern

Model Definition

Active Record pattern is an approach to access your database within your models.

import { BaseEntity, Entity, PrimaryGeneratedColumn, Column } from "typeorm";

export class User extends BaseEntity {
@PrimaryGeneratedColumn() id: number;

@Column() firstName: string;

@Column() lastName: string;

@Column() isActive: boolean;

static findByName(firstName: string, lastName: string) {
return this.createQueryBuilder("user")
.where("user.firstName = :firstName", { firstName })
.andWhere("user.lastName = :lastName", { lastName })


This is a example of how to use the entity:

// example how to save AR entity
const user = new User();
user.firstName = "Timber";
user.lastName = "Saw";
user.isActive = true;
await user.save();

// example how to remove AR entity
await user.remove();

// example how to load AR entities
const users = await User.find({ skip: 2, take: 5 });
const newUsers = await User.find({ isActive: true });
const timber = await User.findOne({ firstName: "Timber", lastName: "Saw" });

If you want to know more details, please see Active Record vs Data Mapper.

😸 Fetch with related table

class Review {
public static async findWithProduct(productId: number): Promise {
return await this.createQueryBuilder("review")
.leftJoinAndSelect("review.product", "product")
.where("review.product_id = :productId")
.setParameters({ productId })

@OneToOne(type => Product)
@JoinColumn({ name: "product_id" })
public product: Product;

🎃 Transaction

Transactions are creating using Connection:

import { getConnection } from "typeorm";

await getConnection().transaction(transactionalEntityManager => {
// do something

If you want to know more details, please see Transactions.

🎉 Relations

Please see the following links:

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